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We are an architectural and landscape design firm based in Brooklyn, New York. Our practice focuses on the betterment of the built environment and by extension the experience of living.  To this end we rely on the strength of the collaboration between client, designer and builder to navigate the complicated process of a design and construction project from start to finish. A sound understanding of how things go together strengthens us as designers and empowers us to experiment. 


OFFICEFORTYONE is a collaboration between sisters Balca Keskin and Cemre Durusoy, who hail from Istanbul, Turkey. 

Balca is a landscape architect with many years of experience in design and implementation of gardens for private homes and large scale residential developments in Istanbul.  Having spent a lot of time in the field and at plant nurseries overseeing projects, she brings with her extensive knowledge of botany.  She holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from Istanbul University in Turkey.

Cemre is an architect and brings 15 years of experience working in New York City, at rockwellgroup, MADE,  and since 2012 at her own company Architecture Durusoy.  Cemre holds a Bachelor of Arts from Bennington College in Vermont where she studied theater design and architecture, and a Master of Architecture degree from Rice University in Houston, Texas.


For inquiries contact us by email cemre@officefortyone.com / balca@officefortyone.com

68 3rd Street Unit 207 Brooklyn, NY 11231  t. 347-247-0680